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Climate and Water Adaptation

Adaptive management in the Americas – ongoing training programs in La Serena, Chile with Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research and Centro de Cambio Global (Center for Global Change – Catholic Univ. – Chile):

– Oct. 2012 – Training Institute: Adaptive Management of Water Resources under Climate Change in Vulnerable River Basins (http://iaibr3.iai.int/twiki/bin/view/TIAdaptativeManagementWaterResources2012)

– June – July 2013 – Adaptive Water-Energy Management in the Arid Americas (iaibr3.iai.int/twiki/bin/view/PasiWaterEnergy2013/)

New project led by Center for Global Change (Catholic Univ. – Chile) Análisis Integral de la Vulnerabilidad de Recursos Hídricos y Desarrollo de un Proceso de Adaptación al Cambio Climático en la Cuenca del Maipo (Integrated Analysis of Water-Resources Vulnerability and Development of Climate-Change Adaptation Process in the Maipo Basin)

2010 Research in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia,on urban adaptation to climate variability including peri-urban farmers’ adaptation to water pollution.

2008-2010 Moving Forward: Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change, Drought, and Water Demand in the Urbanizing Southwestern U.S. & Northern Mexico (C. Scott, co-PI, 33%). $286,931, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Sectoral Applications Research Program (SARP).

2007-2008 Information Flows and Policy: Use of Climate Diagnostics and Cyclone Prediction for Adaptive Water-Resources Management Under Climatic Uncertainty in Western North America (C. Scott, deputy-PI, 50%). $147,286, Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research.


Urban Water (Englsih)

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