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Group meetings

The group consists of graduate students and other research staff joined on an occasional basis by allied faculty. We meet biweekly to discuss research progress, exchange methodologies, and explore and develop new programmatic linkages.

We have shifted from a more formal seminar format to informal meetings oriented towards strengthening research and oral presentation skills.  Chris is on Sabbatical – regular meetings to resume in Fall 2013.

AUG 31
: summer recap
SEP 7:
conference, presentation “The Nation Possessed: The Conflicting Claims on America’s Public Lands,” September 11-14, 2012 in Boulder, CO (Kelly Mott-Lacroix)
– farmer water users networks and social construction of water resource challenges (America Lutz)
OCT 5:
water users associations in Tajikistan (Lauren Herwehe)


FEB 2: Interbasin water transfers at the US-Mexico border city of Nogales, Sonora: implications for aquifers and water scarcity (Andrea Prichard)

FEB 16: Wastewater Flows, Urban Farming, and Environmental Justice in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Tabitha Spence)


APR 6: An Updated Groundwater Model for the Upper San Pedro River Basin (Kirstin Neff)

APR 20: Water security and adaptive management in the arid Americas (Christopher Scott)



SEPT. 1: Presentations for upcoming Arizona Hydrological Society Symposium:
– The State of the Aquifers: The Transboundary Santa Cruz and San Pedro River Basins (Prescott Vandervoet)
– Drought and Urbanization: Water Supply Challenges of Nogales, Sonora (Andrea Prichard)
– Sanitation, Wastewater, and the Millennium Development Goals (Tabby Spence)

SEPT. 15: informal discussion of members’ research and grad studies

SEPT. 29: no meeting

OCT. 13: American Meteorological Society Policy Colloquium (Zach Sugg), and brief overview of new grants (Chris Scott)

OCT. 27: Examining Barriers to Realizing the Water Sensitive City: The Challenge of Institutionalizing Alternative Water Technologies in the Residential Sector in Melbourne, Australia (Lily House-Peters)

NOV. 10: (tentatively) – Water Policy and Management Impacts of Pine Beetle Infestation: Outline of the Problem and Research Approach (Joel Biederman)

NOV. 24: no meeting (Thanksgiving)



JAN 28: North American Monsoon research project (Dan Griffin)

FEB 25: “Institutional Perspectives on Transboundary Water Management”.  Also, some thoughts on regionalism (Anne Browning)

MAR 11: Puerto Peñasco Case Study – coastal development, desalination (Jamie McEvoy) – Risk and wastewater, Addis Ababa (Tabitha Spence)

MAR 25: Nogales, Sonora and Projected Water Supply (Andrea Prichard) – Portland, Oregon water planning, modeling and urban heat island (Lily House-Peters)

APR 8: “Potable Water Reuse: Public Trust in the Next Water Frontier” (Kerri Jean Ormerod – “Impacts of invasive Lehmann lovegrass in a semiarid southeast Arizona grassland: hydrologic response and spatial extent” (Zach Sugg)





SEP 23: Association of Pacific Coast Geographers preparation (Melissa Mauzy and Kerri Jean Ormerod)

SEP 30: Tucson residential reclaimed water users (Anne Campbell)

OCT 14: American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association conference (Cado Daily)

OCT 28: Desalination in Spain (Jamie McEvoy)

DEC 9: Water decentralization in Honduras (Oscar Lai) – Critical Planning special issue manuscript on resilience (Majed Akhter, Kerri Jean Ormerod, Chris Scott)



JAN 29: First meeting, intros & updates, discussion of participants’ interests, and brief overview of water and Tucson urban heat island (Chris Scott)

FEB 12: Water markets and freshwater ecosystem services: policy reform and implementation in the Columbia and Murray Darling basins (Dustin Garrick)

FEB 26: Water reuse in Southern Arizona – preliminary results (Kerri Jean Ormerod)

MAR 12: Agrofuels and water quality (World Resources Institute study co-authored by Zach Sugg)

MAR 26: No meeting (AAG)

APR 9: Water and environment in Central America (Jenna Bloxom, Oscar Lai, Andrea Prichard)

APR 23: Santa Cruz and San Pedro database creation (Prescott Vandervoet)

MAY 7: Evaluating paleohydrological data for drought planning (Melissa Mauzy)

MAY 14: The Arizona water-energy nexus (Joe Hoover, Chris Scott)



SEP 8: Summer 2008 field work on risk and vulnerability to climate and water variability in rural Sonora, Mexico (Ashley Coles)

SEP 15: “Water, electric power and growth in southern Arizona” for presentation at Arizona Hydrological Society Symposium, September 22-23, 2008, Flagstaff AZ (Joe Hoover)

SEP 29: “Assessing the long-term impacts of water quality outreach and education efforts on landowners in the Little Bear River watershed in northern Utah” (Jamie McEvoy)

OCT 6: Update on U.S. – Mexico Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program (Prescott Vandervoet)

OCT 20: Research at Agricultural Research Service (Zach Sugg and Grey Niering, with Prof. Susan Moran)

NOV 3: MA research on ATOMMS climate satellite (Kate Sammler)

NOV 17: Preparatory talk “Building shared vision: assessment of transboundary aquifers along the United States – Mexico border” for presentation at the International Conference on Water Scarcity, Global Changes, and Groundwater: Management Responses, December 1-5 2008, University of California – Irvine, UNESCO, and US Geological Survey (Chris Scott)

DEC 1: Update on MA research on public perceptions of water reuse in southern Arizona (Kerri Jean Ormerod)