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Christopher A. Scott

Is a Professor of Water Resources Policy at the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, with a joint appointment as Professor, School of Geography and Development. His work focuses on the policy dimensions of global change (climate change and urban growth) with particular emphasis on urban wastewater and water reuse, the water-energy nexus, transboundary water resources, agricultural-urban water transfers, and binational U.S.-Mexico climate and water policy. Scott holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in hydrology from Cornell University, B.S. and B.A. degrees from Swarthmore College. He has 10 years of experience living and working in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Mexico (with the International Water Management Institute), in addition to two years in Honduras and two years in India with nongovernmental organizations. He speaks Spanish and Hindi, and working Portuguese, Nepali, and German. Immediately prior to his arrival at the University of Arizona in July 2006, he was a senior international project manager with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, Md., where he led National Weather Service collaboration with Mexico and India.

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Current and prospective students working with Chris, with research topics are listed below 

(all are in the School of Geography & Development unless otherwise specified) Chris is also affiliated faculty and can chair student committees in Arid Lands Resource Sciences, and co-chair in the Dept. of Hydrology & Water Resources; Dept. of Soil, School of Natural Resources & Environment; and Latin American Studies).

2012 – America Lutz Ley (PhD candidate, Arid Lands)

2012 – Lauren Herwehe (MA candidate, SGD)

2011 – Ryan Lee (PhD candidate, Arid Lands)

2011 – Katherine Curl (MA candidate, SGD)

2010 – Lily House-Peters (PhD candidate, SGD)

2009 – Andrea Prichard (MA in 2011, SGD)

2009 – Tabitha Spence (MA in 2011, SGD)

2008 – Kathryn Daily (MA in 2012, SGD)

2008 – Zachary Sugg (MA in 2010, SGD)

2008 – Kerri Jean Ormerod (MA in 2010, SGD)

2007 – Eve Halper (PhD in 2011, SGD)

2007 – Joseph Hoover (MA 2009, SGD)


Committee membership of current and past students with thesis/ dissertation topic and name of chair 

(School of Geography & Development unless otherwise specified; HWR = Dept. Hydrology & Water Resources; SWES = Dept. of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science).

2012 – Moira Hough (MS candidate, School of Natural Resources & Environment), Riparian corridor ecosystem services – M. Pavao-Zuckerman, chair.

2012 – Kelly Mott Lacroix (PhD candidate, Arid Lands Resource Sciences), Arizona water management – S. Megdal, chair. Won 2nd place in the Central Arizona Project Student Paper Competition for her term-paper in my Spring 2011 GEOG696O Seminar, “Arizona Water Management Along the Adaptive Cycle: What can the ebb of water governance teach us about future flows?”

2012 – Penn Elys Droz (PhD candidate, American Indian Studies), Indigenous ecological resilience – B. Colombi, chair.

2011 – Robin Lewis (PhD, SGD), “Networked Knowledge(s): Forest Certification and the Politics of Expertise in Malaysia” – P. Robbin, chair.

2010 – Jeff M. Banister (PhD, SGD), “Between Capture and Control: Fluviality and Geo-History in Mexico” – S. Marston, chair.

2010 – Evan Dick (MA, SGD), “Local sanitation options and dry-composting toilets” – S. Moore, chair.

2009 – Stephen Amesbury (PhD candidate, Arid Lands Resource Sciences) – S. Yool, chair.

2008 – Tobias Finke (MA, GRD), “Object-Oriented Classification to Map Impervious Surfaces for Hydrologic Models” – S. Yool and S. Moran, co-chairs.

2008 – Derejeh Gultineh (MA, GRD), “Coalitions and Consensus Building in Portland, Oregon”

2008 – Jennifer Bloxom (MA, Center for Latin American Studies) – S. Whiteford, chair.

2008 – Lissette De La Cruz (PhD candidate, HWR) – T. Meixner, chair.

2007 – Rolando Díaz Caravantes (PhD, SGD) – M. Wilder, chair.

2007 – George Saliba (MA, GRD) “Science, Collaboration, and Sustainability in the Upper San Pedro Basin” – K. Jacobs and K. Bailey, co-chairs.


Past Students/Supervisees and Accomplishments

(IWMI = International Water Management Institute)

2004-05 – Mattia Celio (doctoral field research, IWMI-India) – PhD candidate, Water, Engineering, and Development Centre, Loughborough University, UK

2003-05 – Trent W. Biggs (Postdoc, IWMI-India) – Since 2007 Asst. Professor of Geography, San Diego State University, California

2003-04 – Shirish Sinha (Doctoral write-up, IWMI-India) – 2007 PhD from Twente University, Netherlands, currently Energy-Water Program Manager, WWF India, New Delhi

2002-05 – Jetske Bouma (doctoral field research, IWMI-India) – 2007 PhD in Resource Economics, University of Tilburg, Netherlands

2002-05 – Jeroen Ensink (doctoral field research, IWMI-India) – 2007 PhD in Public Health, London School of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine, London, UK

2002 – Carolyn Gerwe (Postdoc, IWMI-India) – 2003-05 Public Policy Fellow, American Association for Advancement of Science, Washington, DC

2000 – Martin Bolaños, M.S. in Water Management, Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico

1998 – Francisco Flores, M.S. in Water Management, Colegio de Postgraduados, Mexico; subsequently PhD from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

1997-2000 – Philippus Wester (graduate field research, IWMI-Mexico) – currently PhD (2008) and Assistant Professor (2000-present), Wageningen University, Netherlands

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Group meetings

The group consists of graduate students and other research staff joined on an occasional basis by allied faculty. We meet biweekly to discuss research progress, exchange methodologies, and explore and develop new programmatic linkages. We have shifted from a more formal seminar format to informal meetings oriented towards strengthening research and oral presentation skills.  Chris …

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