Researchers and Managers Workshop

The University of Arizona
Arizona State University

June 1, 2009

Rationale. A research team funded by an Arizona Water Institute grant titled, “Water and Energy Sustainability with Rapid Growth in the Arizona-Sonora Border Region” met with stakeholders from water and energy agencies around the state. Throughout the previous year researchers from the University of Arizona and Arizona State University conducted research investigating: 1) demographic and economic trends in the border region; 2) climate change impacts in Arizona and Sonora; 3) similarities and differences between Mexico and the United States regarding institutional capabilities to meet future energy and water demands; 4) water requirements for energy production in Arizona and alternative energy potential in both Sonora and Arizona; and 5) energy requirements for water and wastewater service in Arizona and Sonora. The purpose of the stakeholder workshop was for the research team to share its findings with practitioners in the water and energy sectors and for stakeholders to provide feedback and recommend additional areas of clarification and future research.

Welcome – Kathy Jacobs

Introduction and general information on water-energy nexux – Jim Holway (pdf)

The U.S.-Mexico border – Bob Varady (pdf)

Binational Institute and related initiatives – Plácido dos Santos

Demographic and economic trends for the border region – Subhro Guhathakurta (Powerpoint)

Regional impacts of climate change – Gregg Garfin (pdf)

Full research presentation – Chris Scott, Subhro Guhathakurta, Gregg Garfin, Mike Pasqualetti, Joseph Hoover

Future energy requirements for Phoenix Water Services – Paul Kinshella(pdf)

Bureau of Reclamation and the water-energy nexus – Mitch Haws (pdf)


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