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Aug 22

Mountain water towers

What do the Himalayas, Andes, and Rockies have in common?  Over half of humanity, and critical ecosystems, depend on the water they store and release.  They play a central role in food security, regional hydroclimatic processes, spiritual identity, and recreation and place-based values. Yet, they all face pressures from climate change, warming, dams and infrastructure …

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Feb 11

Water Security in the Arid Americas

“Water security constitutes the sustainable availability of adequate quantities and qualities of water for resilient societies and ecosystems in the face of uncertain global change.  Our definition introduces the resilience dimension as necessary, because more static conceptualizations of water security inadequately address mutually interactive coupled human-natural dynamics and therefore, may overlook possibilities for recovery from …

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Oct 11

The Yaqui River Basin in Northwest Mexico-Southwest U.S.: Complexity, resilience, and the struggle for water

The Yaqui River Basin (YRB) is the largest in northwest Mexico, both in terms of area and volume of flow. Water resources in the region are under increasing stress due to intensive use for agriculture and urban growth, compounded by climate change and variability. Currently the basin is in the middle of a struggle between …

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Sep 13

Welcome to Water Resources and Policy Group (by Christopher Scott)

The grand challenge we address is sustaining societies coupled with their physical environments. Applied interdisciplinary research on water, agriculture, energy, and climate allows us to engage decision-makers and other stakeholders to strengthen resilience to global change. We have ongoing work in the Southwest U.S., Mexico, Chile, Brazil, India, and Nepal. Current areas of research and outreach …

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