Oct 11

The Yaqui River Basin in Northwest Mexico-Southwest U.S.: Complexity, resilience, and the struggle for water

The Yaqui River Basin (YRB) is the largest in northwest Mexico, both in terms of area and volume of flow. Water resources in the region are under increasing stress due to intensive use for agriculture and urban growth, compounded by climate change and variability. Currently the basin is in the middle of a struggle between Hermosillo and Cajeme municipalities because of a new policy plan aimed at bringing water from the Yaqui river to Hermosillo city, the capital of the State. The region’s social complexity is increased because of the presence of the Yaqui indigenous population which represented 2.3% of the Sonora state population of the basin in 2008. The basin is shared among sectoral uses, across ethnic, state and international boundaries, and poses critical human-ecosystem tradeoffs. These conditions stress the need for adaptive management strategies in the face of global change processes including climate change and growing human and ecosystem needs for water. Our team’s interests focus on these adaptive strategies to enhance the resilience of the YRB social-ecological system.

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