Sep 13

Welcome to Water Resources and Policy Group (by Christopher Scott)

The grand challenge we address is sustaining societies coupled with their physical environments. Applied interdisciplinary research on water, agriculture, energy, and climate allows us to engage decision-makers and other stakeholders to strengthen resilience to global change.

We have ongoing work in the Southwest U.S., Mexico, Chile, Brazil, India, and Nepal. Current areas of research and outreach (with funding sources) include:

• Resilience of riparian socio-ecological systems (National Science Foundation – Coupled Natural-Human Systems)

• Water security and adaptive management (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research)

• Transboundary water and climate (Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Geological Survey)

• Irrigation, agricultural-urban water transfers (International Water Management Institute)

• The water–energy nexus (National Science Foundation – Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructures)

• Water and growth (US Geological Survey, US Bureau of Reclamation)

• Effluent and wastewater management and policy (National Science Foundation, WateReuse Research Foundation)