Water Resources and Policy Group (WRPG)

The WRPG is an interdisciplinary scholarly group formed by faculty members and students, primarily from the University of Arizona, but also by visiting scholars from universities and organizations around the world, that meets periodically to analyze and discuss topics regarding water resources, sustainability, and adaptation.

The group, led by Dr. Christopher A. Scott, brings together graduate students from programs in Geography and Development, Natural Resources and the Environment, Arid Lands Resource Sciences, Hydrology and Water Resources, Anthropology, Water Policy and Society, among others. This is the perfect forum to explore water issues on the edge, share knowledge, and hone research and communication skills in a more relaxed seminar-type setting.

Our meeting agenda updates every semester to include the most pressing or interesting topics suggested by members. During Spring 2015, the group focused on the following aspects:

February 9: IRB preparation for research

February 23: Hydropower panel

March 9: Research proposal workshop

March 23: Stakeholder engagement & field work in water resources research

April 13: Students’ presentations for the Association of American Geographers 2015 conference

May 5: Field research panel/sharing plans and experiences