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Fracking and Water Security

AQUASEC partners are addressing energy challenges through ongoing and future work, focusing on the water-energy-food nexus that emerges from science-policy dialogues.

UNCuyo Debate on Fracking (Source: La Izquierda Diario) 


Legislature meeting on Fracking in Mendoza (Source: Sitio Andino, by Cristian Lozano)

Implications of ‘Fracking’ for shale oil and gas extraction on water security, vulnerability, and water-energy-food nexus within the Neuquen Basin in Mendoza, Argentina.

This initiative considers the case of Mendoza, Argentina, where the Neuquen Basin contains potential resources for unconventional shale oil extraction. Through science policy dialogues, the AQUASEC team brings together experts in the field, local stakeholders, and prominent research scholars to assess water security, water quality, risk assessment, and water-energy-food tradeoffs regarding the extraction of unconventional shale oil and gas through hydraulic fracturing.

Prospective Shale Gas and Shale Oil Areas, Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen Basin.

Source: ARI, 2013

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