Multi-Basin Land Cover and Evapotranspiration Assessment

Basin Map


The land cover and evapotranspiration assessment includes, depending on the basin at question:

1) determining land cover classifications and change over time
2) determining evapotranspiration rates and patterns across space

Santa Cruz River Basin

The Arizona Remote Sensing Center has been responsible for mapping land cover change within the Santa Cruz River Basin, in Southeastern Arizona. The map below displays the land cover in 2014.

Santa Cruz River Basin Land Cover - 2014

Santa Cruz River Basin Land Cover – 2014

As shown in the map, much of the basin is dominated by desert vegetation, ranging from large open grasslands to mesquite shrublands. However, because the SCRB is found in the Basin and Range region of North America, it also includes many high elevation mountains known as the Madrean Sky Islands. Consisting of dense sub-tropical forests, these Sky Islands support a large portion of the biodiversity within the basin.