El Colegio de Sonora (ColSon)


El Colegio de Sonora is a research and educative institution founded in 1982 in Hermosillo, Sonora, in the heart of arid northwest Mexico. El ColSon’s objectives are to generate scientific and social knowledge regarding regional and national issues, to advance the proposition of socially-sounding and sustainable solutions for those problems, and to train highly qualified human resources in Master and Doctoral programs, who are capable of transferring knowledge and policy-science actions to society.

El ColSon’s faculty and researchers are focused on five research centers that have each their respective projects and programs: (a) Center for Studies on North America (CEAN), (b) Center for Studies on Development (CED), (c) Center for Historic Studies on Region and Borderlands (CEHRF), (d) Center for Studies on Health and Society (CESS), and (e) Center for Studies on Government and Public Affairs (CEGAP).

Researchers in CED (José Luis Moreno), CESS (Rolando Díaz-Caravantes) and CEGAP (Nicolás Pineda-Pablos, Alan Navarro Navarro, Alejandro Salazar Adams), have worked closely with the Udall Center during the last decade on issues of vulnerability, water security, and water management in the Sonora-Arizona region.

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