Water, Energy, and Global Change

Session at AAG Annual Meeting
Las Vegas, March 22-27, 2009

Co-sponsored by Water Resources and Energy & Environment specialty groups

The water-energy nexus is conventionally understood as managing water for energy production coupled with energy for water services. Yet a series of global change drivers (including climate change, rapid urbanization, and global markets for energy, biofuels, and food) requires that the nexus be elevated from its present status as an operational tool to a joint-resource management and policy paradigm. This session invites papers on diverse aspects of coupled water and energy resources, including but not limited to the energy futures to meet urban and agricultural water demand, water requirements for power generation, water implications of alternative energy sources and the emerging carbon economy, and comparative energy- and water-based perspectives on efficiency and conservation.

Moderator: Christopher Scott, Assistant Professor, Geography & Regional Development, University of Arizona,cascott@email.arizona.edu

Speaker: Burrell Montz, Professor, Department of Geography, Binghamton University, bmontz@binghamton.edu, Title TBD (water and other implications of gas drilling in shale deposits)

Speaker: Alice Jones, Associate Professor, Department of Geography & Geology, Eastern Kentucky University,alice.jones@eku.edu, Title TBD (community perspectives on the relationship between water and energy: effects of coal mining on water quality in Appalachian Kentucky)

Speaker: Suzanne Pierce, Senior Member of Technical Staff; Energy, Resources, and Systems Analysis, Sandia National Laboratories, spierce@sandia.gov, Title TBD stakeholder priorities and systems dynamics model of water-energy research needs

Speaker: Martin J. Pasqualetti, Professor, School of Geographical Sciences, Arizona State University,pasqualetti@asu.edu, “Water and Renewable Energy with Rapid Growth in the Arizona-Sonora Border Region”

Speaker: Joseph Hoover, M.A. Candidate, Dept. of Geography & Regional Development, University of Arizona,jhoover@email.arizona.edu, “Water, Electric Power and Growth in Southern Arizona”