AIPG 45th Annual Meeting, Arizona Hydrological Society – 21st Annual Symposium, 3rd International Professional Geologic Conference

Technical Session #1 – Energy, Water and Ethics

Water Scarcity and Energy: The Nexus Strengthens [pdf]
Graeme Symmonds, Trevor Hill, Global Water Resources, Phoenix, AZ

Challenges Integrating the Need for Electrical Power Generation and Mutually Beneficial Potable Aquifer
Usage/Restoration in the American Southwest. The Water-Electricity Nexus
David Asti, Southern California Edison, Rosemead, CA

So You Say Renewables Are the Answer… Let’s Talk [pdf]
James Burnell, Colorado Geological Survey, Denver, CO

Water, Electric Power and Growth in Southern Arizona [pdf]
Joseph Hoover, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

Northern Annular Mode Impact on Spring Climate in the Western United States [pdf]
Stephanie McAfee (CAP Award Winner), University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ